IT Profiles Remuneration Survey

Remuneration Survey

We carry out a study of Wages of the general IT Market every six months, we survey more than 50 positions that range from managerial levels to Analysts, in more than 100 leading companies of different areas at a regional level such as: Retail, Entertainment, Mass Consumption, Services, Banks, Insurance, Hospitality, Light Industry, Textile, Food, Urban Hygiene, Laboratories, Media, Security, Transport and Logistics and Telecommunications. At the same time we carry out salary surveys on Demand

Custom positions report

It allows companies that request it to be compared with others with similar characteristics. It will cover remuneration, compensation and benefits, with the aim of providing necessary and relevant data and information on the total salary composition, updated and in force in the Argentine and / or Regional market and compared against organizations with similar characteristics in order to obtain consistent data.

Advantages of the salary survey

This tool allows:

• Know the salary position of each charge of the Company regarding to the regional and / or local market.

• Achieve a greater efficiency in the allocation of company salaries.

• Retain Talents and people who occupy Key Positions.

• To know, when hiring a person, what is the appropriate salary level for the charge.

• Access a benchmark of Compensation and Benefits practices for the regional and / or local market.

• Have continuous advice on Compensation and Benefits Management.

Reliability guarantee of the salary survey

The data is personally collected by our consultants.

Likewise, our main guarantee of professionalism, seriousness and trust is demonstrated by the choice of our clients in all of these years.

Our Coverage

We operate with nogeographical boundaries
We have a seasoned team of senior consultants across different time zones
Local presence in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Spain