Young Professionals and Internships Programs

Young Professionals and Internships Programs

The objective is to attract, develop and train young people with high potential to assume strategic positions in the medium term.

Several companies entrusted us with their selection processes for both Young Professionals and the annual Internship Selection process.

We work with the best and most up-to-date human resources practices, aimed at ensuring that people become the company’s competitive advantage.

These programs represent an important gateway to a professional career within an organization and an investment in people’s development.

We design and coordinate, in its entirety, the process, starting from: defining the profile of the candidates and carrying out the stages of recruitment, selection, Assessment Center, psychotechnical evaluations and coordination of final interviews with the line.

Both processes generate a high benefit for the organization: They are a seedbed of talents (replacement cadres) and allow the training of new professionals based on the culture and values of the company.

Our Coverage

We operate with nogeographical boundaries
We have a seasoned team of senior consultants across different time zones
Local presence in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Spain